Monday, March 28, 2022

How to Apply Yes Bank Credit Card Online

 How to Apply Yes Bank Credit Card Online

YES(Youth Enterprise Scheme) BANK Link

is a Full Service Commercial Bank

which provides a complete range of

products, services and technology

driven digital offerings, catering to

Retail, MSME as well as corporate


Yes Bank Credit Card offer

Rewards: Reward points for all
transactions that can be accumulated
to obtain a gift or the points can be
redeemed for cashback.
• Cashback: Cashbacks on certain
spends like 5% cashback for shopping
online, 5% cashback for using your
credit card to pay utility bills.
Universal acceptance: Accepted
internationally as well
• Lifestvle benefits and privileaes:

How to Apply Yes Bank Credit Card Online

3. Ask the customer to click on the shared
link and enter their basic information such
as Name, Number, Email ID, Pincode and
How to penform?
4. Once submitted, this lead will automatically
get created on your OneCode Account and
customer will be redirected to theYes Bank
5. The customer needs to complete the rest of
the process on theYes Bank website
6. Enter PAN number and a valid mobile
7. Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number
and click 'Save & Continue'
8. Enter Aadhaar number and OTP will be sent
to the mobile number registered with UIDAI/
9. Enter the OTP and click on 'Submit'
10. Customer photo, name, gender, date of
birth, address registered with Aadhaar will
be auto-pulled from UIDAI
11. Enter current residence address if it is not
same as per Aadhaar, tick on the checkbox
and click 'Save & Continue'
12. Enter office address and occupation details
to proceed further
13. The best offer is shown on the screen if a
customer is eligible for a credit card
14. Click on View detailed features' for any
card to know the top features
15. Select the card that the customer wishes to
apply for and click on 'Select Card'
16. Enter personal and employment details,
click 'Save & Continue'
17. Enter credit card details and nominee
details(only for applicable cards)
19. Customer needs to complete live video KYC
18. Upload documents and click 'Save &
20. Once the bank approves a credit card
application, it may take up to 14-20 working
days for the credit card to reach the
customer's registered address

Why YES BANK Credit Card?

YES BANKprovides diferent eredit cards that
cater to various customer necds. They offer
great rewards, cashback, trava, shopping and
ete eredt cards, they cater to every aspeet ef
a customefs needs.